Emergency Preparedness Plan for A Touch of Love Children’s Center

I want to assure you of my concern for the safety and welfare of the children in my child care facility. In light of recent world and local events, I have developed an emergency plan that will be put into place in case an emergency situation arises such as fire, evacuation, relocation, shelter in place, lockdown, and inclement weather. Plans for emergency care are reviewed annually. The specific type of emergency will guide where and what special care will be provided.

Shelter at my Facility

This plan would be put into place in case of a weather emergency or unsafe outside conditions or threats. In this plan, the children will be cared for indoors at the facility and all the doors may be locked to restrict entry. Parents will be notified if they need to pick up their child before their regular time.

Evacuation to another site

This plan would be put into place in the event that it is not safe for children to remain in the facility. I have arranged for an alternate site for care. The choice of site will be determined by the specific emergency and where would be an appropriate place to go.

 Method to contact parents

In case of an emergency, parents will be called. If we need to evacuate to another site, a note will be placed on my door to tell you where to pick up your child. Depending on the distance from the facility, the children will either walk or be transported to alternate site.

Emergency over/reuniting with children

Parents will be called and reunited with their children as soon as possible after the emergency.

When you enrolled your child in my care, you completed a list of emergency contacts and persons who may pick up your child. It’s very important to keep that list up-to-date in case an emergency occurs. Please see me if you want to review the emergency contact information that I have for your child.

The purpose for sharing this information with you is not to cause you worry, but to reassure you that I am prepared to handle all types of emergencies in a way that will ensure the safety of your child(ren). In the event of an actual emergency, we will call you as soon as it is safe to do so. At that time you will be informed about what steps will be taken. If you have questions regarding this information, please share them with me.

Touch of Love Children’s Center