Florida law requires childcare facilities to ensure that age- appropriate, constructive disciplinary practices are used for children in their care. Children will not be subjected to discipline which is severe, humiliating or frightening. Discipline will not be associated with food, rest, or toileting. There will be NO PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT ALLOWED BY STAFF OR PARENTS ON OUR PREMISES. We will try to help your child understand what behavior is not acceptable. When necessary, your child will be given “time-out”- time spent away from the rest of the group.

High quality child care and early learning programs are important to preventing suspensions and expulsions in the early learning setting. Early childhood education programs are responsible for creating positive learning environments that focus on preventing expulsions and suspensions, encouraging partnerships between programs and families to support healthy development, and ensuring fairness, equity and continuous improvement to support children’s social, emotional and behavioral health.

It is recommended that early childhood programs focus on fostering social emotional development and responding to challenging behaviors by incorporating positive discipline practices and policies before ever considering expulsion or suspension from early childhood programs.

Guidance for prevention of expulsion and suspension:

In an effort to prevent expulsion and suspension of children, this agency shall adopt the following, in policy and practice and in a consistent and non – discriminatory manner:

– Use developmentally appropriate practices that provide for stimulating and interactive learning environments, diversity, age appropriate expectations, small group activities, teachable moments and knowledge of research based evidence and best practices in child development, early learning and education.

– Invest in professional development, training and education to ensure educators have the competencies to support children’s social and emotional health.

– Develop and implement classroom schedules that meet the needs of the children.

– Adapt learning environments to promote healthy social interactions with others.

– Develop healthy and nurturing relationships with children.

– Develop strong partnerships and relationships with parents.

– Develop and implement classroom expectations that are developmentally appropriate, clear and consistent.

– Provide family engagement opportunities.

– Ensure fairness and equity.

Other Options Prior to Expulsion

Prior to the expulsion of any child from this program, the staff and director will follow these guidelines:

– Identify and engage mental and behavioral health consultants and community resources after obtaining parent permission.

– Reduce the number of days or amount of time in care for a specified amount of time.

– Conference with parents to discuss positive behavior interventions and development of goals.

– Document efforts to prevent and reduce expulsion.

– Provide reasonable accommodations.

Transition Procedures

If an expulsion must occur, the child care agency will assist the child and family in transitioning to another program by identifying and engaging mental / behavioral health consultants and community resources to assist in determining the most appropriate placement for the child.