General Information

NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED on our premises for health and fire safety reasons. Children are not allowed to chew gum at the Center.
Daycare workers and other professionals are legally obligated to report cases of suspected child abuse. Any professional failing to report or knowingly preventing another from doing so is guilty of a 2nd degree misdemeanor and may be prosecuted.
Please bring a full change of clothing for your child (underwear and socks too), clearly labeled with your child’s name. Please dress your child in comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather. We will be outside everyday, weather permitting, so we recommend clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty; also, shoes that are good for running and playing, preferable rubber-soled. Please no boots or hard-soled shoes. These could hurt the kids and floors.
Be sure to label everything that comes into the Center with your child. (Blankets, backpacks and lunchboxes.)
Check your child’s cubby, backpack or folder each day for messages and their work.
Please keep us aware of any problems that could affect your child’s behavior or mental attitude.
If your child won’t be here, or will be late please call to let me know.
We will send out a monthly newsletter keeping you up to date on what is happening at the Center and in your child’s classrooms. Please read this carefully. The newsletter will also have our Breakfast menu for the month posted, along with the birthdays of the month. Our Snack menu is posted each day on the main menu on the Bulletin Board by the office and also in the Back Building on their Bulletin Board.
We offer for breakfast prepared items from 3 food groups and an afternoon snack from 2 food groups. Our Friday “Fun Food Day” is posted on the Front Door at the beginning of each week.
No animals are allowed in the Center unless they are service animals.
Special needs children that we are able & trained for are accepted and included in our program. We strive to promote the development of all our children.
Foods that are associated with young children’s choking incidents must not be served to children under 4 years of age, such as, but not limited to, whole/round hot dogs, popcorn, chips, pretzel nuggets, whole grapes, nuts, cheese cubes/sticks and any food that is of similar shape and size of the trachea/windpipe. This applies to all food, even food provided by parents/guardians.